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"Adobe Reader X"

Firstly, I must note that this version X speaks nothing on what the full version of this product is. Question: Is it the latest version available? Is the full blown version name: Adobe Reader X 10.0? Is it unconditionally "free" or is it free for a "trial period"? The Adobe Company should elaborate in a precise manner on answering these kinds of questions when propagating this info to 3-rd party companies. Such lack of precision instills in one a lack of confidence in their products. After all, on the marketing side, “commonsense” should be, at all times, their primary focus, one would think.

Another questions: Is “Adobe Reader X 10.0” and “Adobe Reader 10.0” referring to the one and same product, or is there a subtle difference between the two?

On the urging from a message that appeared on my desktop, I most recently downloaded Adobe Reader 9.4.1 . Yet the message told me that I was downloading Adobe Reader 10.0 (without the X). This was not the reality. This company, in my estimate, should strive to be more accurate with its intent. If it supposed to be Adobe Reader 10.0 that I was downloading, then after the download occurred, this is what should be expected. Perhaps they are in too much of a rush to push their products forward, but with it can come unanticipated problems. On this site and others, no one asks these kinds of critiquing questions, which makes me wonder where does the general mindset of our consumer base lie, off the target?

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22 Nov 2010

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