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Adobe Reader DC

Adobe Reader DC2019.012.20036

Your Favorite PDF Reader Just Got Even Better

When you think of a PDF reader, you will probably think of Adobe Acrobat. And why wouldn't you? This software is considered a staple when it comes to PDF applications. But as with other programs, the app's developer, Adobe, has come up with a few innovations to give you better user experience. Adobe Reader DC lets you do more than just open and view your PDF files. This productivity tool now offers a way for you to add annotations using a complete set of commenting tools

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  • singham meghwal

    by singham meghwal

    yes good soft and good quveliese the beast regarden cefghujikolp;[rfgtyhujiko



    i am ankit kumar gupta at bagahi bazar from bihar goplganj kateya bagahi bazar mother vidhavati devi father satyanarayan gupta he was teacher

  • nilesh markana

    by nilesh markana

    GGOD APPS..............................................................

  • Mohamed Turay

    by Mohamed Turay

    Adobe Reader DC is Highly recommended for use. It is also easy to download

  • Kyaw Hla Phyu(RI/MMR)

    by Kyaw Hla Phyu(RI/MMR)

    This is good, we can use it easily and it is free. If it is not free, I don't like it, Thanks

  • H T Ritchie

    by H T Ritchie

    Damned hard to get a working copy without having so many opportunities to purchase unwanted software. I need reader to read PDF documents only. I don't want to create a PDF--only read one sent to me.

  • Ratan Mathur

    by Ratan Mathur

    yes very much useful for reading pdf file dowm loaded from web

  • Shashikant Dargumodi

    by Shashikant Dargumodi

    very nice software for document work. it is useful for save large data in short memory. it is easy to operate for everyone. thanks to adobe. hope you make new version shortly.

  • Eddie Edwin

    by Eddie Edwin

    it makes pdf files readable and i am greatly encouraging too many friends to use it too.

  • Haniff Md Mahmood

    by Haniff Md Mahmood

    It has always been essential and very helpful.Thank you very much

  • Vijay Sharma

    by Vijay Sharma

    super it is, always useful.I often use it for reading my important documents. without it my pc is useless

  • Makibur Rahman

    by Makibur Rahman


  • Jaysukh Dave

    by Jaysukh Dave


  • JJ Cassanova

    by JJ Cassanova


  • Conny Dell

    by Conny Dell

    the program is good. adobe is great software which makes our lives easy when it comes

  • yosphe mengistu

    by yosphe mengistu

    it very good mange soft documents. it very good ,nice easy to mange transport soft documents

  • Letisiya Selvi

    by Letisiya Selvi

    good. to view all the files in the document so i need to c all the files. Pros: views all th document

  • by Anonymous

    Reader DC is horrible!. For me, Reader DC is awful! It locks up and I find basic functions (like save as) are unavailable at times. After having to re-boot my system for the thrid time I removed it and went back to using Adobe XI. Pros: nothing. Cons: basic functions enabled. ease of use

  • by Anonymous

    The application didnt open in my laptop. worst product...The application didnt open in my laptop....fix the bug. Pros: nothing. Cons: fix the problem

  • by Anonymous

    It sucks! do not download if you have windows 10!. I downloaded DC and immediately had to uninstall it! I have windows 10 and I kept getting an app error and my files converted to windows edge

  • by Anonymous

    Toss it in the trash along with Windows 10. The Reader DC version is useless. It freezes up and/or crashes my system. I've tried printing from it, and ended up with only a portion of the page. I want my old Adobe back, but can't seem to find a download available. Pros: ummm... Cons: The whole program has been useless to me. Nor can I go back, apparently, to a basic Adobe Reader. The program freezeMore

  • by Anonymous

    I've downloaded it already, but am finding it difficult to install. Please . Adobe Reader is a very nice software i use on my android device, likewise on PC. A good one.

  • by Anonymous

    no conversion. Quite good but conversion is not available unlike nitro that i am currently using. Pros: easy interface. Cons: conversion must be available in the free version

  • by Anonymous

    Useless. This program constantly updates for no reason, requires to much RAM, space and boots for too long. Better use any other PDF reader or display documents in Chrome. Pros: No. Cons: Resource hungry. Generally useless. There are better alternatives.

  • by Anonymous

    Agree with wtschuman . . . . Agree with wtschuman: this +170MB 10.1.3 version, after my recent (June 2012) update programme does not display properly on my XP based PC, showing parts of my desktop screen. wtf? Uninstalled it and downloaded version 9.2 for XP (<30MB.) 9.2 working great now! Pros: You got to be kidding . . . Cons: See review

  • by Anonymous

    Adobe Reader X 10.1.3. It crashes when used with windows xp. I've "repaired" the installation as well as re-installed it with no success. Pros: none. Cons: FOR ME, USING WINDOWS XP...IT SUCKS!

  • by Anonymous

    Adobe acrobat reader 10 version. a href="">Adobe Reader 10</a> is also known as pdf reader with the standard for online document sharing. a href="">Adobe Reader suite</a> software is also knowMore

  • by Anonymous

    5-stars! Thankx for Xlnt. Download of AdobeReader-X... . 5-stars(*****)! Thankx for Xlnt. Download of AdobeReader-X... ---proceeded smoothly as warm butter poured over a baldhead...!!! Pros: --You good folks just saved me the further frustrating anguish of trying to conduct this same operation on the Adobe-website downloader of very same program; -plus thankyou for not More

  • by Anonymous down was covered with loose dirt that the snow could not completely hide. I realized this was the pile of old straw, which was thrown over the wall at that point and extended down to the curve

  • by Anonymous

    Adobe Reader X. Firstly, I must note that this version X speaks nothing on what the full version of this product is. Question: Is it the latest version available? Is the full blown version name: Adobe Reader X 10.0? Is it unconditionally "free" or is it free for a "trial period"? The Adobe Company should elaborate in a precise manner on answering these kinds of More