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How To Merge PDF Files With Adobe Reader



When the world went online, software developers had a field day to stay ahead of the pack. Today we’re bombarded with options, including from which web browser we use to how we save files and send them around on the internet.

Although having so many choices is fantastic, it does present its own set of problems. Just because you love the program you’re working on doesn’t mean the next person does too. Compatibility across various working platforms has quickly become the modern-day dilemma when working remotely and sharing files.

Fortunately, creating PDF files from any type of content has dealed with this issue to a large extent. You can now save your images and text files in PDF format. As long as the recipient has a PDF reader installed, the communications are streamlined and resolved.

What is a PDF document?

You can divide PDFs into three categories depending on the original creation of them. How you create the PDF file will also determine whether others can gain editing rights after sharing it. ‘True’ PDFs the originals you create digitally in Word or Excel, and the originator then saves it into PDF format. It’s the original, so to speak. 

‘Locked’ PDFs are scanned or snapshot images and others can’t edit them. Regardless of the type of PDF file you have saved on your PC, it would help if you could merge all the information in one application, such as Adobe Reader. There are excellent free PDF Readers available to download free and safely.

Step 1: Download Adobe PDF Reader

If you don’t have an Adobe PDF Reader app yet, you can download it for iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows. It’s free and safe to download for all devices.

Step 2: Open the Adobe app

When you’ve installed the new Adobe app, open it on your device.

Step 3: Combine the files

From here, it’s quick to complete. Click on ‘Tools’ > ‘Combine Files’ > ‘Combine Files.’

You have to select the command ‘Combine Files’ twice to kickstart the merging process. Adobe will now combine all your documents into one single file, making it effortless for you to access your work.

However, if this app won’t work for you, there are plenty of other excellent, free PDF Readers available to download safely.

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